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126" REAR MAKEUP-AIR PLENUM (accessory for an exhaust hood) 13978

Code: 13978
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Pre-Owned, Item code 13978
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REAR MAKEUP-AIR PLENUM  ( one of our Hoods on our web site, this can be used with )

Rear Make-Up Air Plenum: Air delivered through the front of the rear plenum (BR-back return) creates a positive pressure barrier behind the cooking equipment to keep smoke and grease laden vapors moving upward toward the hood.

This plenum can be used with an Exhaust only hood. It is installed on the wall.

A layer of perforated panel allows for well distributed low velocity airflow at discharge behind and below the cooking battery.

An effective way to introduce untempered make-up air into the kitchen is from the rear of the hood through a back supply plenum. These plenums are also ideal for heating air during the colder months since hot air will rise from its low discharge position. This plenum is mounted 31.25 inches above the finished floor and directs air flow through perforated panels behind and below the cooking equipment without affecting capture and containment, cooking surface temperature, or pilot lights.

External air curtain supply plenums can supply airflow at a maximum rate of 180 cfm/ft. For optimum performance, design to the recommended rate of 110/cfm/ft. In addition, external plenums can be attached to the face of ends of an exhaust only hood to create a curtain of air on all exposed sides of the hood, increasing the volume of air brought in at the hood.

Approx. size: 126" w, 6" d, 76 1/2" h

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