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D2-MAX TurboChef Flash Bake Oven on Stand with Casters 14763

D2-MAX TurboChef Flash Bake Oven on Stand with Casters  14763
Code: 14763
Manufacturer: Turbo Chef
Condition: Pre-Owned
Price: $950.00

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Pre-Owned, Item Code 14763

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TurboChef Flash Bake Oven on Stand with Casters


This is a used unit, it may have some scratches but in good condition overall.

Rapid Cook TechnologyM/h4> Traditional cooking systems employ a wide range of processes for transferring heat energy to food.
These include: condtuction (direct energy transfer from a hot surface, as in a grill)
Natural convection (energy transfer to and from naturally moving air, as in a circulated air, as in a typical convection oven)
Air impingement ( forcedf convection with rapidly moving air directed at the food)
Induction (heat by the generation of electromagnetic fields)
Microwave radiation ( heating by the dissipation of microwave energy in food)
And infra-red radiation ( heating by light whose wavelength falls delow that of the color red in the electromagnetic spectrum)
The system cooks food extremely rapidly, enabling foods to retain their natural moisture

Model# D2-MAX

UL & NSF Listed



208-240 Volts, 3 Phase, 30-33 Amps, 60 Hz

Size: 31½" x 29 ½" x 40" - 62" overall with cart

(Disk AL7) (AL)

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