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Presentation Table, Wood Crafters, Maple Color
Maple color Countertop, Cut, Slice, Dicing, wood crafters

Maple color Countertop, Cut, Slice, Dicing, wood crafters
Code: Bar_Countertop
Manufacturer: Wood Crafters
Condition: Pre-Owned
Price: $150.00

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New, i do not think it was every used.  Been sitting in a box, until i opened it to photograph it.

But i have to say it's pre-owned, too.

Bar Counter top or Just a Counter Top, Presentation Top, or Food Service, Cut, Slice, Dice on it !

The price is normally $ 325.00,  Reduced Price, due to scratch  $275.00


Call 708-354-1265 

I do not have the exact papers on this:  but when i called and asked around:  and you can do your own research before buying this.

I called for an exact replacement top, for this and i was told all this information from the salesperson.


New in a box, from a closeout.  But out of the wrapper, box, i had to unwrap to photogragh it.

* When i unpacked it, i did notice 1 scratch on it, Small 4 or 5". 

But if this is the desgined use for this

unit then that is what you will be doing with it.  

I can't say if it will have any more scratches on it.

But being new and a closeout item, I don't have any more paper work on it.


Being Sold AS IS.  AS SHOWN.  Feels nice and smooth surface.      i found this, view it..  Maybe it will be helpful.


On the exterior box: Maple is the color on the box, i think ????.  From what the tag said.  See the photo.

Wood Crafters, Inc.  Wood Welded was on the outer Box, along with the wrapper Bally Block on the inside.

DuraKey ( TM ) 102   Some tags that were on the box.


15" wide, approx. 72" long, 2" depth.  The salesperson said, this is a custom top, due to it being 2" depth. 

And people might use to Cut on it, Slice on it, Dice on it, he thinks it's a polyutethane and over course over time it will need to be oil'd with mineral oil and or sand off the finish and coat it with mineral oil if you take off the coating on it, in the future and it's worn.  

 The salesperson called it a Maple Butcher Block. I don't know if that's right, he didn't see it, but i explained all the stuff on the box.

I try to do the best research i can.  I suggest you do your own research.

I personally would not use a top like this to CUT ON, but that's me. Maybe in a bar or a restaurant setting that is what they do.


It's smooth when you run your fingers across it.

Sku on the box: 09039 02330  wood welded. the W is like for both front and back of the logo.


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