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1/2 H.P Biro PRO-9HD Commercial Meat Tenderizer

1/2 H.P Biro PRO-9HD Commercial Meat Tenderizer
Manufacturer: Biro
Condition: Pre-Owned
Price: $2,400.00

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Pre-Owned, 2 Available.... each is $2,400.00 Pick up locally or it can be delivers for an additional fee. Must be paid in full via Zelle, Cash or Check! 10% Sales Tax Info per Spec: Biro HD Meat Tenderizer with Standard Cube Steak Tenderizing /Knitting Cradle Model # PRO-9HD Note: Unit comes ONLY with the standard Cube Steak Tenderizing /Knitting Cradle, but you can order additional cradle assemblies. Please call and ask for prices. The Standard Tenderizer Blade Tips cut deep (1020 times per revolution) into the product to sever sinew and fiber. Turn your tenderizer into a Knitting machine by changing the position of the rear stripper and feed 2-3 smaller pieces of hard-to-merchandise pieces to form one value-added knitted steak. Biro standard tenderizer blades cut deep into the product to sever fiber and sinew. Nothing surpasses the Pro-9 Tenderizer for versatility. Use the Pro-9 to tenderize, knit, score, cut strips, cut stew, and star punch. Merchandise less expensive, less tender cuts to create value-added products which add to your bottom line. Use a strip cutting group to make such diverse products as strips for stir fry or fajitas, julienne for salads, and beefy jerky strips. Use two passes to make cubes for stew or soup meat. Cut your valuable production time significantly while making those value-added products your customers want. Stew-Strip Cradles NEW OPTIONAL CRADLES IN PLACE OF STANDARD TENDERIZER CRADLE BIRO-TA3130-9ANE - 1/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $1.017.96 BIRO-TA3130-5ANE - 3/8 STRIP ASSEMBLY $456.34 BIRO-TA3130-4ANE - 9/16 STRIP ASSEMBLY $650.026 BIRO-TA3130-1ANE - 3/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $625.55 BIRO-TA3130-14ANE - 7/8 STRIP ASSEMBLY $625.55 BIRO-TA3130-2ANE -1 INCH STRIP ASSEMBLY $613.93 BIRO-TA3130-3ANE - 1-1/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $602.28 BIRO-TA3130-7ANE - 1-9/16 STRIP ASSEMBLY $602.28 BIRO-TA3130-8ANE - 2 INCH STRIP ASSEMBLY $602.28 ADDITIONAL CRADLES AVAILABLEFOR MACHINES EQUIPPED WITH STANDARD TENDERIZING CRADLE BIRO-TA3130-9A - 1/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $1.351.42 BIRO-TA3130-5A - 3/8 STRIP ASSEMBLY 51.084.12 BIRO-TA3130-4A - 9/16 STRIP ASSEMBLY $1,006.28 BIRO-TA3130-1A - 3/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $947.14 BIRO-TA3130-14A - 7/8 STRIP ASSEMBLY $906.25 BIRO-TA3130-2A - 1 INCH STRIP ASSEMBLY $876.46 BIRO-TA3130-3A - 1-1/4 STRIP ASSEMBLY $856.65 BIRO-TA3130-7A - 1-9/16 STRIP ASSEMBLY $786.83 BIRO-TA3130-8A - 2 INCH STRIP ASSEMBLY $763.64 Two passes are all you need to create value-added product from less expensive, hard to merchandise cuts. Improve your product mix and gross profit and increase productivity. You can turn your tenderizing set into a knitting set just by changing the position of the rear stripper. Take two smaller pieces of hard to merchandise meat and convert them into one value-added product. * ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 115V, 1 Ph, 5 ft. 3-wire cord, 3 prong molded, grounded plug. * CASE: Stainless steel * CASE TOP: Stainless steel. * CUTTING GROUPS: Stainless steel with stainless steel spacers and combs. * ROLLER SPEEDS: 115 RPM Standard. * TRANSPARENT SAFETY COVER: Lexan transparent. * TRANSMISSION: Oil bath gear box. * TRANSMISSION DRIVE: Poly flex double V-Belt steel gear system * SAFETY SWITCH: Motor shuts off when safety cover is raised. * STANDARD FEATURES: Dual purpose tenderizer/knit assembly, cord and/or plug (see electrical) operating and safety manual. * CERTIFICATIONS: N.S.F., U.S.D.A., U.L., C.S.A., C.F.I.A. 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 6.6 Apms, 60Hz, 1/2 H.p. * A 1/2 HP MACHINE, I am told is good for deli's, supermarkets, but if you have a butcher shop, you might want a 3/4 h.p. machine. Approx. Size: 17" w, 14" d, 18 " h

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