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Oliver Bakery Equip

Models 623-Manual Dough Divider, Classic Bagel & Bun Slicer Model 723, Variety Slicer, Varislicer, Mini Chip Slicer

Gravity Feed 797-16, 797-21, Front Load Duo 758-N, front load mini 709, Divider Rounder 623-N, Bun Divider 623N, 

Dough Divider 619, Dough Press 619 MDP-N, Dough moulder 600-R3/600-R35, Dough Rollers 641-N ( 3 sizes ),

Bagel & Bun Slicer 702 N, Gourmet Bun Slicer 704-N, Convection Oven 668-N

738 Mini Chip Slicer
Code: oliver738
Price: $3,659.00
in my cart: none
738V Mini Chip Slicer
Code: oliver738v
Price: $4,049.00
in my cart: none

709 Front Load Mini Bread Slicer
Code: oliver709
Price: $5,224.00
in my cart: none
732N Fron Load Standard Bread Slicer NSF
Code: oliver732n
Price: $7,621.00
in my cart: none

748 Simple Slice self Serve Bread Slicer NSF
Code: oliver748
Price: $11,019.00
in my cart: none
758N front Load Duo Bread Slicer NSF
Code: oliver758n
Price: $11,644.00
in my cart: none

2005 Vari Slicer by Oliver
Code: oliver2005
Price: $14,823.00
in my cart: none
777N Variety Bread Slicer NSF by Oliver
Code: oliver777n
Price: $8,340.00
in my cart: none

797 Gravity Feed Bread Slicer By Oliver
Code: oliver797
Price: $9,061.00
in my cart: none
797N Gravity Feed Bread Slicer NSF
Code: oliver797n
Price: $9,686.00
in my cart: none

797-21 Gravity Feed Bread Slicer-21" wide
Code: oliver79721
Price: $13,542.00
in my cart: none
723N Bagel & Bun Slicer-Classic
Code: oliver723n
Price: $2,833.00
in my cart: none

704N Bagel & Bun Slicer-Gourmet
Code: oliver704n
Price: $3,539.00
in my cart: none
302 Bagel & Bun Slicer - Manual 1/2"
Code: oliver302
Price: $500.00
in my cart: none


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